04 September 2009

And there are people in Washington who WANTED this

Seriously - there are people who planned for this outcome, who told lies to work people into a frenzy, who appealed to the worst in us, who felt that this outcome served their interests best. This is what they wanted. And they want more of it. Where there is discussion and debate, they want to bring noise. To literally shout down the lady in the wheelchair.

How does one negotiate with people who plan this?

Again, this is a disgrace to my profession - we're supposed to encourage and facilitate debate, not shout it down - and a disgrace to our democracy.

A long time ago I was actually an elected Town Meeting member, in my New England town. Things got a little rowdy sometimes, though nothing close to this. And everyone - EVERYONE - got to say their peace without ever having to worry about hecklers.

What a perversion.

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Brad Levinson said...

But I bet their clients are so happy with their work... ;)