05 August 2009


The video I embedded yesterday was funny. I'd give it a solid B. But there's a bigger point.

When insecure guys take gratuitous potshots at ambitious or successful women - potshots you know they'd never take at men - it doesn't just insult that woman. I think there's a subconscious message they send young women and girls - try to succeed and you'll be harassed for it.

Many women shrug it off or use it to motivate them, but some don't. The bottom line to me is they shouldn't have to deal with it, but the reality is they do and they probably will forever.

That's why I thought of the "female role models" posts - I thought maybe it would be a way to show people that there are tons of success stories out there who may not be Senators or Cabinet Secretaries, but are doing amazing things every day.

But I'm not exactly an authority on female role models. So I reached out to some women bloggers I know who are also active on Twitter. They're going to stand up to the sexism and introduce us all to women who deserve our praise, not our mocking.

The next time we see another example of a sexist potshot from an insecure goober, we will send a tweet that says something like "ignore sexism from [insert insecure goober name here], @username is a role model for MY kid." Or something like that. Then we'll add the hashtag #sexistsvsrolemodels at the end.

So anyone who wants a list of female role models on twitter will only have to search that hashtag. I say let's create something good out of this. And maybe this is a start.


PunditMom said...

It's more than time to take on the goober guys! Thanks for coming up with this project and for reaching out to so many of us online! ;)

Abby Lopez said...

Hi David,

First off I’d like to thank you for the positive work you’ve done on behalf of women with your new series of posts on female role models and the development of the sexismvsrolemodels hash tag on twitter. It’s great to see men supporting gender equality and positive images of females. Thanks for being an anti-goober guy. The support of both men and women is needed if we hope to one day achieve gender equality. This is especially true in a world where the newly crowned Miss Universe, believes that women have "reached the same level as men" and that "we must realize that there are no longer barriers amongst us."

Given your previous commitment to supporting female role models I was hoping you would be interested in supporting a the Women's Leadership Initiative, a multi-year project of Demos led by Distinguished Senior Fellow Linda Tarr-Whelan (WLI). WLI seeks to reignite a deeper conversation about women's extremely poor numbers in top leadership positions compared to the rest of the world -whether access to the top is still not readily available to women, and what realities exist that force women to choose not to lead or constrain their options as leaders. The WLI will open this space in the public debate through a series of public events, a new book, Women Lead the Way, by Linda Tarr-Whelan, reports and an awareness campaign.

If you are interested, I would love to send you an advance copy of Women Lead the Way (just need a mailing address) and more information on how you can support the WLI. Feel free to email me (alopez@pro-mediacommunications.com).


Abby Lopez
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