26 August 2009

Senator Kennedy

The news of Senator Kennedy's passing is not unexpected but still sad. Right now I suspect the Kennedy family is doing what it always does at times like these - coming together, relying on each other for support, and remembering all the good times while resolving to carry on.

Those of us who worked for Senator Kennedy are reaching out to current and former colleagues, thinking of our proudest or funniest moments with him. I was a mid-level policy wonk at best; but I was there long enough to see how hard Senator Kennedy worked, how much he truly cared for the issues, and how he could be larger than life and profoundly personal at the same time.

I'm sure an avalanche of eulogies for Senator Kennedy will come today and tomorrow; I'm sure people will have plenty of good things and bad things to say about him. I was by no means his closest confidant or his most trusted staffer, but I'm completely certain about one thing.

Right now, Senator Kennedy wouldn't want us to be talking about him.

Right now, Senator Kennedy would want us to be talking about health care reform.


Mom101 said...

What an honor to have been able to work for him and know him first hand.

I can't wait to hear more of your recollections.

RIP Teddy. You done a lot of good.

Brad said...

My condolences on this, David. From some of the stories you've told me, I know that your time working at his office meant quite a great deal to you.

When I think about the timing of this, I think about how sad it is that while, of course, he got to see a lot of things over the last year that he never probably expected to, he never got to see the "cause of his life" come to fruition.

I'm certain that this news will cause many to redouble their efforts to make this very important cause of his become reality. And that, as you say, would be the greatest tribute to him of all.

Ann Marie van den Hurk, APR said...


I'm really so sorry for your loss. His memory will live on through the people he's touched like you.

And you are right, he wouldn't want us talking about him, but the important issues in front us: healthcare & education.

Sadly, it takes people dying for the masses to realize the impact they had on everyone's daily life.

Prof Mark said...


As you have described the Senator, your posting reflected quiet dignity.