29 July 2009

WOMMA Update...

John Moore, who among other things serves as WOMMA's spokesman, was good enough to comment on yesterday's post. Since most people don't read comments, I thought it would be appropriate to devote a post to his comment. Here's what he had to say:
Ethics in word-of-mouth online and offline is something WOMMA deeply cares about. Honesty of relationship, opinion, and identity is paramount to word-of-mouth retaining its credibility. We believe our code of ethics offers a thorough guidance on do’s and don’ts.

However, as Susan points out in her comments to my post, the BLOGGING WITH INTEGRITY code is less about marketing. Agreed. Understood. I've pledged by it.

David, I didn’t mean to come across condescending. Not at all. (That ain’t my style. That ain’t WOMMA’s style.) Your points are well stated.

FYI … WOMMA enforces its code with member companies through a review process. (You can learn more here: http://womma.org/ethics/disciplinary/.) And yes, some companies have been reprimanded.
I'm glad that WOMMA has a review process and has tried to provide some semblance of enforcement through reprimands. And kudos to John for starting his comment with the WOMMA talking point. He clearly saw my post as an opportunity to let everyone know what WOMMA is about, and he took advantage of it. That's his job.

There's a back story going on here, but it's really not mine to tell.

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