10 July 2009

The Tinkering Continues

I realize this is the kind of post that no one else cares about. So I'll try to be brief about the changes to the blog.

I try to do "smart" - I'm just not wired for "shiny."

Other people write about "how to make your email pitch really sing" or "blogging/twitter/email is dead - now I'm all about the next shiny toy" or "7 ways you can sell social media." There are some great PR practitioners out there who discuss best practices and that's important. But I also think there are a ton of bloggers in this space who really just invent a new nomenclature to restate the obvious. If you want that go read a self-help book, where "getting off your ass and working" becomes "re-discovering your inner awesome" or something like that.

I'll still write the occasional "here's how I think you should do this" post. But rather than tell readers what to do, I'd rather show readers what smart people are doing. That's why I've created the link list of interviews in the sidebar, and placed it above all my own posts. And I've added a blogroll of places I frequent - if you think I've missed you and you should be there, just let me know.

I've also gotten rid of some distracting widgets and pushed the rest down - the blog looks a little text-heavy right now, so I'll probably do something about that. Oh, and I retired the feet.

So if you care to chime in, feel free - I don't think I'm done tinkering. But no pressure.

1 comment:

Mom101 said...

I'm all for simple and smart over shiny and blinky any day. Let's hear it for great content as king!