18 June 2009

The World According To Mom - apparently still going...

You may recall a while back I participated in a project with Catherine "Her Bad Mother" Connors and some of the the editors at Global Voices Online we called "The World According To Mom." It really took off - to the point where I was having a lot of trouble keeping track of every post.

I'm completely sure I don't have all the posts, but I figured I should at least mention the ones I did see since I said I would... I count 312 posts from bloggers representing 44 countries and 8 languages. The additions I found since the last update:

South Africa: Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills, Angel's Mind
USA: Keep Your Day Job - But You Ought To Write Too, Life at Willow Manor, Sands Random Ramblings, Turning Stones, Mama Mutterings, The Child, A Lawyer Mom's Musings, Suburb Sanity, Pajama Mom, Mistress Stash Enhancer
India: What's On My Mind, YOnEarthNot, HappyFeet N Me, A Journey Called Life, Apya and Bubbu
France: The Ancient Sword
Ireland: K8 the GR8
Philippines: Calculated Spontaneity, iMom
United Arab Emirates: A Baby Story

I also saw an impressive post from the Shutter Sisters, where the members of that community from several countries added comments with links to pictures that fit the meme. And Catherine wrote a second "five things" post in celebration of her son's birthday, and published it on her Belief.net blog.

As I wrote in my previous update I'm hoping others pick this up, track and catalogue the posts. I know the Global Voices team has some great ideas to highlight their coverage of this. We're all juggling busy schedules so it's not always top of mind, but if you're a mom and you're looking for some inspiration, I think you'll find your fellow moms have plenty to share.


Debbie said...

I've never even heard of this yet I find myself on the list! How interesting. I will check some of these other blogs out. Thanks!

Solana Larsen said...

Thanks for sharing all the links. It's been fun to watch it spread around the world.