08 June 2009


It's Monday again, so that means this was Mark's idea. Blame him. Which is odd because it seems like I'm doing this more than he does now. OK, some wholesome social media goodness for the week:

The Radiolab blog - this is one of my favorite podcasts, introduced to me by a pal who lives here in Lexington.

Yogabeans - "Your Internet Source for Plastic Action Figures Demonstrating Yoga." I love blogs with self-explanatory subheadings. It isn't updated anymore, but let's face it - this is timeless.

Knowledge Problem - it's a blog written by two economists who focus a lot on the economics of energy. They're smart.

The Mom Slant - I've been calling this "Mothergoosemouse 2.0" but it's gotten to the point where it has its own identity.

As a shout-out to the "ecomonday" crowd, I'll add Inhabitat.

And I promise only to embed a few dozen more of these. After all the Digital Metropolis guy loves them. (Even he says this is getting tired now, though.)

1 comment:

Julie @ The Mom Slant said...

Hey, thanks! MGM 2.0 - I really like that.

Love Yogabeans and Inhabitat too. Great picks.