01 June 2009


OK, I'm back. Last week was crazy busy. But it's Monday, which means this whole thing was Mark's idea and you should blame him. I've also noticed that the green tweeters are using Mondays to promote their own through "ecomonday," so I'll try to add a green blog to each monday post - sort of my "green picks of the week" mini-me. (yes, I know I've neglected that as well. BAD blogger. BAD.)

OK, here goes:

White African: I don't know this guy but he writes about how new technologies can improve the quality of life in Africa and the rest of the developing world, so he has to be cool.

On Social Marketing and Social Change: I've followed this blog for some time now and it keeps getting better. Strong focus on using social marketing (the theoretical constructs that guide the design of social media tools) to have a positive impact on global health.

Get Better Health: Dr. Val Jones is a medical blogging rockstar, and she's built quite the network. I also notice that one of my colleagues contributes to her blog.

Blood and Milk: A colleague turned me on to this blog recently. It's about international development, and the author has specific expertise in global health.

And my special bonus green blog add-on: Maria Energia. She knows environmental policy & technology very well; she knows communications very well, and from what I understand is about to be very busy. Congrats & kudos to her.

I've also decided, in honor of the guy who writes Digital Metropolis, that for the forseeable future I will post an acoustic or a cappella version of his absolute favorite song every Monday. He's told me how Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" represents the single greatest cultural achievement of the decade. I'm not sure I'd go that far - in fact, I don't particularly care for it - but it sticks in your head and this guy knows music better than I do so he must be on to something. Here goes:

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