01 May 2009

The World According To Mom: Update 9

It appears we've reached all the low-hanging fruit.

Catherine's global mom meme has generated a number of new posts this week, but none from countries we haven't already seen. We're at 226 posts in 41 countries and 7 languages. That's not to say The World According To Mom hasn't added significant diversity, however.

I'm very pleased that Susan Niebur of Whymommy fame has joined the discussion, posting at the group blog Mothers With Cancer. Catherine and Amira & Solana at Global Voices Online all think that as we continue to strive for geographic diversity, we should remember that diversity of perspective takes many forms. All moms (and dads) from all walks of life are welcome to participate here.

Eighty countries is within reach. Here's a modest goal - 68 countries celebrate Mothers Day this May 10. Only 22 of those countries are home to bloggers who have participated in the discussion. Let's see if we can get a few more on that list.

Additions since the last update:

USA: Mothers With Cancer, Mama Mary Show, Gravity Check, We We Clothing, Our Chaotic Life, Funny Magic, Momma Says, PunditMom
Canada: Bad Mummy, No Cookie!, Kyooty Center
India: Where I'm Calling From, Muse Cruise
Germany: Charlotte's Web
Nigeria: My Name is Mommy
Finland: Lintsi
South Africa: Food & Family
New Zealand: This is Today
Italy: Italian Trivia

As always, contact Catherine or me via email or comment if you don't see your post on the list or at the delicious page.

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