04 May 2009

The World According To Mom: Update 10

The posts keep coming in response to Catherine's global mom meme, though nearly all of them are from countries we've already seen - not that there's anything wrong with that...

We've hit a milestone of sorts. I now count 250 posts from bloggers in or from 42 countries, in 7 languages. Add Mexico to the list. I'm sure I've missed some - not everyone links back, so it's nearly impossible to find everything.

The Global Voices Online team continues to demonstrate their awesomeness by doing things like providing coverage in Arabic.

Additions since the last update:

Mexico: Zona infinita
USA: Words in a waltz, Tea & Brie, Toddler Planet, madameblogalot, Shrink Rap, Anne Spollen's Author Blog, My Solid Best, Mom and More, Wacky Mommy, Priyamvada, only sometimes clever, We Sit By Fire, A Parent in Silver Spring
India: to the wind and the trees, Epiphany, My world of words, Li'l Cubby R, anoobhooti
Italy: Family Matters
Turkey: Resident Alien
Ireland: sligoice weblog, Magnumlady's blog
New Zealand: 4maze's weblog, Embejo etc, UpsideBackwards

As always, reach out if you're not on the list...


Kat said...

Good idea! My post is up!


Shawna said...

consider another one done!


Mama Mary said...

My post went up last week but maybe you missed it...Love this idea! I kinda cheated but I hope it still counts. :-)