18 May 2009


Hey, this was Mark's idea. Blame him. Some blogs you should be reading, "people I know" edition:

Belly Up to the Blog - a new entrant to the blogosphere, and I predict good things for this one.

Nutgraf - funny in that quirky, self-deprecating yet really smart kinda way.

Chronicles of an Amateur Hockey Dad - I just think this is a thoughtful narrative.

Ali Thinks - local blogger, global mindset, good photos.

Allan Thinks - Ali's husband. same description.

Digital Metropolis: Where I go to get all my mutant bolthouse carrot updates. A little known fact - this guy is the biggest Coldplay fan ever. Remember that geeky Viva la Vida a capella video from a week back? He showed me an even better one:

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Alison said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out! And thanks for the video, too. Coolness...