23 April 2009

The World According To Mom: Update 7

Slowly but surely, we're creeping toward 80 countries. The global mom meme that started with Her Bad Mother adds New Zealand, Turkey and Japan to the list. (Apparently all it took was calling out the Kiwis.) The 80clicks delicious links page now includes 172 posts from bloggers in or from 36 countries and features posts in six languages.

There are 44 countries to go before we reach the goal, and I think we're in very good shape. There are still a number of countries I considered to be somewhat "easy gets" when this started - Belgium, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, and Mexico - plus dozens of countries where we'd certainly find at least one blogger. So if you know a blogging mother in any of these countries, please let us know.

The Global Voices Online team continues to be amazingly helpful and supportive. They've referred a Russian-language blog as well as brought in a number of French-language posts. They're even doing outreach within their impressive network.

New additions since the last update:

New Zealand: 2 B's mommy
Turkey: a pink canary's nest
Japan: Gaijin Mama
Finland: ripaus inkivaaria, Blueberry Fields, fridulina, lapset nukkuu
USA: The Making of a Mum, sarah-ji, Ryan & Michelle +3, Kodimeow Kronicles, A Mother Is Born
Canada: The whole ball of wax in a nutshell, Pengelly Pastimes
UK: A Brief Aside #14, English Mum
India: Life is a box of chocolates, Crazy mum, A Celebration called Life, Inexplicably, Motherhood and all that jazz
Pakistan: Rites Of Passage
United Arab Emirates: A Goofy Mumma's Happy Blog
France: Eclats
Singapore: Moppet Tales
Australia: Liferightnow, Blurb from the Burbs

As always, if you don't see your post on the list, let us know by comment or email. This is really shaping up to be quite a project.


TeacherMommy said...

I did another post on some of my favorites. You are making it impossible for me to actually get any work done, you know.

English Mum said...

Actually I can add one more because although I'm English Mum, I'm in Ireland! Thanks for the link x

American in Norway said...

Hey! Just found you... I posted...linked... & tagged someone in Germany, Denmark & Australia.... I guess I need to go find the list & see if we made it!?

Jientje said...

Adding a post from Belgium, my 80 clicks around the world post is here: