20 April 2009

The World According To Mom: Update 6

It's been another busy few days for the global mom-meme launched by Her Bad Mother. We've surged past the first goal of finding 80 moms - we're over 140 and rising. Now there's that thing about finding bloggers in 80 different countries. That's still a challenge - we're at 32 (UPDATE - 33, see below). The full list of posts that I've found is here. For this update we're adding bloggers from three new countries to the list -- Singapore, Finland and Pakistan -- plus a number of bloggers from countries we've already found.

The people at Global Voices Online have been outstanding. They've reported on the project in English, Spanish, French, and Bangla. (BANGLA!) This should prove very helpful because we're only slowly pushing through language barriers. (Our first contribution in Finnish is in this update.)

We've gotten many posts from the US, Canada, India and Australia, which isn't all that surprising. Now comes the hard part - finding more countries. I expected things to start getting challenging after about 25 countries, but I'm pleasantly surprised that some of what I think are the more "gettable" countries are still out there. (Time to step up, Kiwis.) I've also noticed bloggers in countries like Turkey, Russia, Denmark and Jordan have been tagged.

The delicious links page is already proving useful. Teachermommy in Michigan (USA) already thumbed through the list and picked out a few of her favorites. I hope we see more of that, and I hope the moms start linking to and chatting with each other.

Here are the additions since the last update:

Singapore: Squiggles Mom
Finland: lista asioista (in Finnish and English)
Pakistan: mom on the outside, babe on the inside
India: Sunny Days, where the mind wanders, sur notes, The Munchkin Blog, Life of Our darling Prince, Bringing Up Adi, Musings from Mumbai, Word Junkie
Australia: Life with Pipette, A Memory Forever, Baino's Banter
USA: Red Pen Mama, Hortus Delicartum, Daisy Bones, This Wabi Sabi Life, Sundar Narayanans Travelog (our first dad!), Enjoy Indian Food, Winkie's Way
Egypt: Living in Egypt
China: tiny tidbits
Spain: Expat Mama (yes, that problem again, I know)
South Africa: Mom de Plume
UK: Notes from Inside My Head

As always, reach out if you don't see yourself here or on the delicious links page.

UPDATE: Make that 33 countries. Add Portugal to the list. Mae da Mafaldinha joins the fun, in English and Portugese. And thanks to the comment, I learn the GVO coverage in French is already having an impact. Gabi in France tells me she read the coverage from Global Voices and joined in on her blog, I Love You Baby. Julie Adore, a "Russian Mom in France," does as well on her blog, conveniently titled Julie Adore. Not sure to call this our first "Russian" post yet.