08 April 2009

David's Green Picks of the Week

A few good ones this week.

The Role of New and Social Media in Environmental Politics and Activism with Tim Hurst
(podcast) by Sean Daly. I've known Tim for a little while now and he's one of those guys who puts his money where his mouth is. He puts his name on the (local) ballot because he wants to be a positive force for change, and he "gets it" on social media. I respect that.

Why Going Vegetarian For One Day Will Help Stop Global Warming by Brian Liloia. Suddenly that steak & cheese is looking a bit less appetizing.

What a long, strange trip: lifecycle assessment
by Jeff McIntire Strasburg. He's one of my all-time favorite bloggers and he's working with Sundance. Very cool.

How Can We Fix the Green Trust Gap?
by Triplepundit. Some thoughts on what consumers want and how they verify that companies aren't greenwashing.


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Jeff McIntire-Strasburg said...

Thanks for your kind words, David... it goes without saying that you're one of my favorite PR peeps...