11 December 2008

David's Green Picks of the Week

Yeah, I like this - it helps me fulfill my dream of someday becoming a full-fledged green blogger.

Officials vow air near schools will be tested for toxics, USA Today. I ranted earlier this week about how corporate journalism is dying out, so I thought it was important to provide an example of mainstream media doing a great job. It turns out the government hasn't checked air quality near schools, so USA Today went ahead and did it themselves. USA Today deserves HUGE kudos for their work here, doing the hard work of investigative reporting on an issue that should be important to all of us, and it's clear they've achieved some results. Check out the entire special report here.

Company hires prison inmates to build solar modules, Clean Technica. Well, I suppose that's one way to reduce the cost of building solar energy facilities.

Green spending on the rise
, Monolog. I hadn't seen this blog before - from an Italian private investor. Found the link in the Friend Feed environment room. The post cites a study from Panel Intelligence, a Cambridge, MA-based market research firm, that suggests (at least to me) green investments may be a significant path to investing our way out of recession. And it's a sure sign that green business is NOT a fad. I think the study is available at the side as a pdf.

Old coal mines adapted to generate geothermal energy, Inhabitat. There's been a lot about coal in the media lately, both pro and con, but I thought this seemed like a nice twist on things. It's by no means a large-scale solution - the facility powers 350 homes and businesses - but again it's the kind of innovative thinking we need to see on a much larger scale.

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