24 September 2008

Seems Journalists Like Blogs Just Fine

Beltway and national journalists covering the presidential campaigns have had a lot to say lately about the access to the candidates afforded them by campaign staff. With a few notable exceptions, those journalists have voiced their opinions about access (and other issues) on blogs (such as here, here and here) and not in mainstream articles, op-eds or broadcast spots. The journalists are also watching full-time bloggers amplify their voices by running with the "access" story.

I note that this comes about the same time reputable traditional news organizations like McClatchy are cutting even more staff. It's just the latest example of how the media is moving away from print and to online, and how journalists are getting more social in their communication.

They're still not doing the back-and-forth of real conversation in reporting, and they seem stuck on the lecture format, but I think we're inching closer to "acceptance" in the corporate media's five stages of grief.

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