28 July 2008

Best stuff on the interwebs right now, according to ME

Time for another installment. This stuff is all from last week, but it's still very good. It's not that I'm lazy, I just don't feel like doing much.

Will Big Pharma Get Littler in HIV Research?
by Elizabeth Pisani

Helping the Almost-Journalists Do Journalism by Dan Gillmor

Ten Surefire Ways to Wrestle Insight from that Pile of Data on Your Desk
by KD Paine

Green Market Research in Six Easy Steps
by Leah Edwards

Report: No Redeeming Qualities to Hank Steinbrenner by Bill

Social Media Overload? MSNBC and Sloppy Journalism
by Mark Story

And you should read basically anything at Chris Blattman's blog - he's just really smart.

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