25 June 2008

Green Tweeting Update

Wow, I'm really pleased with the reaction to the Green Tweeting RSS feed idea. This could be something I build for a while. Riomix steered me toward a post on Digg I'll have to look at.

Of course, there are a couple of other places one can find a whole host of environmental discussion - I like the Environment Room at FriendFeed (administered by Chris Baskind and SpostareDuro) and EcoTumble. My goal was to see if the discussion happening exclusively on Twitter was a little different than other places. More on that later.

Meantime, I've added the following tweeters to the RSS feed:


I have a few more I need to get to when I have a little time. I'm also considering putting together similar feeds for other distinct communities - now that I have the hang of pipes (at least for this sort of thing), it's not difficult...


Anonymous said...

wow! i saw the green tweeters pipe. very cool. its nice to be a part of green projects and this one is schweet. :-)

David said...

Thanks much!