09 May 2008

But they're NOT journalists!!!!

Except sometimes they are. And they're really good.

As the American media still spends the bulk of its time covering a presidential primary race that was probably over a long time ago, a few other things have been going on elsewhere. Like food riots in Haiti. Or a tsunami that killed at least 23,000 people in Myanmar.

I'm having trouble grasping the concept of 23,000 people perishing in a single storm. I have even more trouble understanding how a government would prevent the rest of the world from providing aid. I don't care where it happened - that strikes me as a bit more important than, say, the whims of uncommitted superdelegates. So as I try to find less-reported but no less important news (preferably without the words "Clinton" or "Obama" in it), I keep coming back to blogs. Here's a short list of places you can find great international coverage you just won't find much in the US media.

Global Voices Online - the biggest and the best. There's so much stuff here you can lose yourself for days just reading so much. Perhaps the best example I can find of the Internet as a truly global medium.

Citizen Reporter
- Bicycle Mark may be more than a bit left-of-center, but he writes and broadcasts stories I couldn't find anywhere else and he challenges me to look at things from a different perspective.

Mexico Reporter - anyone who wants to think about America's immigration issues needs to read this. It's not about immigration per se, but it provides a perspective that you simply must have before you form opinions on what happens on our southern border.

Alive in Baghdad - no, this is not a statement on the war. It's news about Iraqis. One video a week, distributed by RSS.

Passport - the blog of Foreign Policy Magazine. This is a bit more "mainstream" than the rest but it still covers items you don't see on TV.

There are plenty more - and I'm always looking for new ones, so share your recommendations...

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