29 May 2008

The Best Writing Right Now in the Sustainability Blogosphere, According to ME

Still swamped so I'm lifting from the RSS feed reader again. Maria Energia calls these "Clean Energy Quick Clicks." I'll give it a try.
I should mention that CSX, the company mentioned in Max Lindberg's post, is a client.

Hopefully this list will demonstrate how smart, creative and diverse the sustainability online community is.


Karen said...

Very nice, some new ones for me. I just want to share with you Sharon Astyk's blog, Causobon's Book:
I find her to be inspiring and compassionate.

Kami Huyse said...

Nice list. I am off to see what they all have to offer. :-)

Max Gladwell said...

Thanks very much for the mention. There much more on the main blog, www.MaxGladwell.com.