22 April 2008

Resisting the Earth Day Urge

If you want some ideas on what to do on Earth Day go follow @sustainablog or @mariaenergia or @jetsongreen or @ecopolitologist on Twitter. Today's post is about what I won't do.

Today this blog will not be used to convince anyone that a company is "greener" than it really is.

I will not spam enviro-bloggers with slap-happy press releases from clients announcing "bold new initiatives" that really amount to switching light bulbs and not cranking up the AC in the summer.

I will not advise a coal company that blows up mountains to retrieve its product to start a new branding campaign with a green, flowery logo.

I will not drive 2 miles downtown shouting "Look at me! I'm wearing organic cotton!" out the window.

I will not try to impress anyone by falsely hinting that I drink only fair-trade coffee.

I will not sing the praises of an "alternative" fuel that burns more oil to produce than it saves.

When people in my line of work do any of these things, we earn this reputation:


Paul Smith said...

Ba ha ha haaa! Thanks for the great laugh! Being a green MBA and consultant myself, it's been interesting to watch companies and people go from a "oh that's nice" (patpatpat)attitude to how can I glom on to this more oh please oh please!

Oh, excuse me, where was I?

Preston said...

Right on, my man. Seriously, I laugh every time I see that video and it's been several months now ...

Maria Surma Manka said...

Great post - and I never get tired of that video!