01 April 2008

Excellent Reading...

Many thanks to Susan Getgood for placing me in a list of 10 "excellent reads" as part of a meme started by Kayla at Project Mommy. She listed some great blogs, so I encourage everyone to give them a look. I also subscribed to Business Forward, a very informative podcast Susan helped develop - and I'll be passing it on to a few clients. Well done.

The rules of the meme say I have to list ten more "excellent reads," and like Susan I'll refrain from using the ones she listed - but I regularly read most on her list and agree with her sentiments. Some (though not nearly all) of my recommendations:

Press Pass
Open Culture
The Measurement Standard
Framing Science
The Beta Stage
Daily Twitter
Citizen Reporter


PunditMom said...

Your honor is well-deserved!

Brad Levinson said...

Thanks for the mention, despite my blogging delinquency :)

I'm going to check all these out -- thanks for the tips!

And I agree with Joanne -- very well-deserved, indeed.

Tim Hurst said...

Thanks for the shout-out, David.

dailytwitter said...

thanks for big shout in your blog - mucho appreciated. Have started reading some of your post - good stuff too!