11 February 2008

He's a Barack-star now

This morning is February 11 and if we had listened to the wise men who get invited to all the Sunday talk shows six months ago we'd be absolutely certain of the following:
  • Fred Thompson's Reaganesque gravitas is helping Rudy Giuliani at the top of the ticket;
  • Hillary "Inevitable" Clinton is recharging her batteries after leaving her rivals in the dust;
  • Young voters aren't participating because they never do.
Instead, Barack Obama swept through the weekend with four caucus victories and a grammy. He still trails in delegates (this whole "superdelegate" idea is starting to look a bit awkward for the Democratic party, yes?), but now leads Senator Clinton in grammy awards, 2 to 1. Of course, Bill Clinton won a grammy as well, and since Obama has said he's running against both of them, you could argue it's a tie.

The last GOP senator to win a grammy? Why, Everett Dirksen, of course, for his recorded documentary of "Gallant Men" in 1968. (OK, so, I looked it up. I can handle a little mocking.)

I only raise the grammy point because I noticed the techPresident chart that tracks mentions of candidate names in the blogosphere, and I think folks might see a spike in Obama-blogging that is partially explained by the grammy and not the caucus wins.

So the Barack-star is on a roll. Of course, Senator Clinton isn't out of it by any means - she's leveraging the online channel to the tune of $10 million from 100,000 donors in 5 days. The Obama campaign is claiming they continue to outpace the Clinton campaign. Micah Sifry has been watching the money race like a hawk.

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