31 January 2008

Super Tuesday Program Notes

Some interesting news I thought I'd share here for regular readers - I'll be helping the team at Virtual Vantage Points live-blog the returns from Super Tuesday.

For those new to the blog, Virtual Vantage Points is a blog my colleagues and I put together to help demonstrate how online discussions impact mainstream debates. It has a strong political focus since our work is at the nexus of business, policy and reputation.

Craig Fuller and Ambassador Marc Ginsburg will be supplying commentary from an event in New York City. Cassandra Pye will be blogging from Sacramento. I'll be supplementing their content by providing a little meta-analysis from the online perspective, tracking the social response to the results.

That's right - I'll be live-blogging the live-bloggers.

I'll be following the top political blogs we normally feature in the VVP communities plus a few others. I'll be following relevant tweets, chats, and basically going wherever the political discussions are and showing how what's happening online has an impact on what happens offline. The added benefit - not only will you get some incredible insight from three of America's most experienced and savvy political minds in real time, you'll also get a summary of reaction from the smartest voices across the blogosphere.

So if you're live-blogging the event, or sharing thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, let me know - I'll be sure to follow you.


Kami Huyse said...

You should talk with Katie Paine about her YouTube measurement of candidates. Not sure if she is doing it real time on Tuesday, but it might be a neat match up.

Rick Ellis said...

Unfortunately, I just found you or I would have let you know earlier, but I've been Twittering results all afternoon and evening.

Twitter name /electionresults