23 January 2008


I'm back in the bluegrass but totally swamped. I have a few good posts kicking around, including a new economic update for a senator, a new Best Blog EVAH that will probably result in a bizlex column, and some interesting news (to be public later) from a science blogger friend.

Perhaps an announcement re: baby soon as well.

Meanwhile, yesterday was an odd news day. Historic cut from the Fed, Fred Thompson bows out, worldwide stock market volatility, but the top story of the day is Heath Ledger's unfortunate demise. Not an easy day for PR folks trying to get their clients "in the news." And a sad statement on our news priorities.


Marriage-101 said...

Ah yes, while watching CNN about the stock market, I was reading the ticker about Heath Ledger and my husband commented. "The stock market is crashing and you're worried about some actor that died." All I could say was, "True."

David said...

I guess it's not the first time. Frankly, I noticed the buzz on twitter as well - I figured the people I followed would be much more interested in Fred Thompson or the fed, but not so much.