09 January 2008

New Hampshire, social media, and the coming black hole

I've been traveling a lot but learned that once again, the real story with the NH primary is about turnout, particularly on the Democratic side - with the sidebar story that the pollsters basically got it wrong the 48 hours before the election.

I'm pleased that it doesn't appear like we're going to have a coronation on either side right now. But we're about to see something very interesting and possibly unprecedented.

After "Super Tuesday" on February 5, we may have presumptive nominees for both parties. Traditionally, presumptive nominees wear political bullseyes. We're looking at 8 months of looking at only two people.

For the first time we're looking at a truly robust social media space in a presidential campaign. And there may be 8 months to fill. Traditional news will only have so much to offer. The media will look to blogs and social networks for story ideas. And given that we'll be in a black hole in the election cycle, I'm guessing things may take on a particularly nasty edge.

I'll have much more to say about this.

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