16 January 2008

Get Your Wonk On

Speaking of nerdiness, one of the coolest things about the intertubes is it gives wonky nerds like me a place to play without being picked on by the bullies we knew in junior high school.

I learned about Health Wonk Review by doing research for Virtual Vantage Points. (Bill Pierce has another interesting post up there this week about single payer.)

HWR is led by a collection of health policy bloggers who share their wonky best with each other. They run down the health care proposals of presidential candidates, they look at trends in the industry, and basically show the rest of us that they're smarter than we are.

HWR is hosted this week at Bob Laszewski's Health Care Policy and Marketplace Review, and it's really strong this week. Having worked in a hospital and in the Senate, it's pretty much the coolest thing out there. (Yes, nerdy. I know.)

Political or communications experts looking for those "validating third parties" don't need to look much further than here. Just make sure your brain is working before you check it out.

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