11 December 2007

Saving the World

Two items today that aren't about social media but I learned about them through social media:

I want my hydrogen car. Yeah, there's a ton of work that has to happen but this is really going to create so many economic opportunities in the long run it's worth it.

(hat tip: Treehugger, which gives some great commentary.)

And a nice list of blogs that cover hydrogen vehicles can be found here.

Also, the Boston Globe has an audio slideshow about Dream Chase Farms, a thoroughbred rescue home founded by the Globe's former movie critic. It's located in Georgetown, Kentucky - just north of here.


mothergoosemouse said...

Hey, I wrote about this! Project Driveway - fabulous initiative. Yay GM!

Here's hoping that it's so successful that the government and oil/gas get on board to start laying plans for a distribution network instead of lobbying to extend drilling and spouting propaganda about the vastness of our oil reserves.

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