01 November 2007

Tony Abbott's tough day

Sheesh. The stuff you learn when you visit Aussie political blogs.

A lot of us have noticed a growing trend in government blogging (the UK's ambassador to Afghanistan is the latest, and yes, David Miliband is at it again) so I've been searching out some political writing on blogs from other countries. I'm sorta going in alphabetical order - earlier this week it was Argentina.

This week I learn via Oz Politics, one of Australia's most widely read political blogs, that Health Minister Tony Abbott had a really, REALLY bad day of campaigning:
On a day that the Government had hoped would be dominated by its $310 million health plan, Mr Abbott's behaviour became the central theme after he insulted a dying asbestos campaigner and arrived 35 minutes late for a debate at the National Press Club.

(insert chucklehead reference here.)

I'm struck by how differences in the Australian political system lend themselves to more accessible discussions with leaders on specific issues. This wasn't the first time Abbott and shadow minister Nicola Roxon have gotten together to debate health care in public. Our electorate isn't accustomed to accomodating a healthcare debate between Secretary Leavitt and a Democrat.

BTW, for those of us in this rankings-obsessed field of PR, here's a pretty clever Aussie blog ranking site.

I've been talking a bit lately with US political bloggers on both sides of the aisle about their relationships with the campaigns. It's a bit of a love-hate relationship right now. A topic for a future post.

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