15 October 2007

The green-o-sphere's impact on business

Perhaps no online community holds Corporate America's feet to the fire as much as enviro-bloggers, but I'm excited to see more and more businesses and environmentalists starting to work together. I've seen two really good recent pieces, one at TriplePundit and the other at Green Options about how the relationship continues to evolve. I think it's safe to say there's still some skepticism but a lot of progress has been made.

I also notice the growing number of pro-green, pro-small business or pro-parent outlets out there, such as the "More Hip Than Hippie" podcast and gDiapers. The movement that was once dismissed as granola-crunchy is now full of people with engineering degrees and marketing blogs. There's a growing common vocabulary between business and environment, and the early adopters are gaining significant advantage.

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