24 October 2007

First Lady, Senator, President: Been There, Done That.

Stop me if you've heard this one before.

A very smart and ambitious woman meets a smart and ambitious man in law school. Both are interested in politics. They get married.

He's elected President and becomes very popular, reducing the country's deficits and steering the economy to improvement. She becomes a Senator. Now she's running for President, and she's the favorite to win. Her supporters say she's brilliant and has a lot of clout. Her critics say she's strident, aloof, and bossy.

Just another day in Argentina for Cristina Kirchner.

Following issues and elections in the Argentine political blogosphere can be a bit tricky - most bloggers write about other things. At first glance you can find some interesting blogs, though. Global Voices Online has a page for Argentina that is updated every so often. There's a decent list of English-language Argentine blogs here. There are a number of impressive photoblogs. If you speak and read Spanish, check out AR News. For mainstream media types, the Buenos Aires Herald is in English.

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