18 September 2007

Update on the Facebook Fiasco

My wife found some new research on the impact of visiting "pro-ana" websites and posted some valuable commentary at her blog, Women's Health Matters. More importantly, she provides links for people to get help if they're suffering from anorexia.

From a communications and liability perspective, this raises the stakes for Facebook. This can no longer be dismissed as the wild rantings of angry feminists. There's scientific data in a legitimate peer-reviewed journal that says this stuff can be harmful. It won't take long for trial lawyers to discover that social media mega-sites with venture capitalists swooning over them represent the deep pocket in "Class Action 2.0." Lawsuits have been filed and settlements have been scored with far less data to go on.

I just see it as a basic disconnect. You can't ban members because some people can't get past the "breast" in breastfeeding while not lifting a finger on an issue where there's scientfic data saying pro-ana sites are harmful.

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