21 September 2007

So where's the Senate?

The US House of Representatives and The White House now issue updates on Twitter.

I was skeptical of this microblogging thing but the breaking updates style of this tool is pretty useful. The real reason I think I'll like it is Ad Age apparently hates it - which I learned, of course, via twitter.

I feel a big post coming on talking about evolution at the nexus of social media, advocacy, and government. Or I could just have indigestion. I need to get back to everyone.


mothergoosemouse said...

Thanks for the giggle!

I've rolled my eyes at Twitter where used by individuals to provide a play-by-play of what they're doing at that very moment. But this sort of application intrigues me - how about a Twitter aggregator?

David said...

Indeed, MGM - Twitter is, in effect, an aggregator - at least the way I use it. In addition to keeping up with uber-mommybloggers like Leah Peterson and Liz Gumbinner, I get updates from CNN, BBC, WSJ, and NYT. I also get news from the American Public Health Assn and the Office of Women's Health at HHS. I keep up with Green Options at Twitter. I also try not to throw up in my mouth as I get the latest updates from the Red Sox.

Mom101 said...

Thank you for the links! As you know I'm a new twiterrerrrrrrr or whatev. I think it's kind of stupid to but I'm still intrigued. But now that I see I can get specific NYT articles sent to me, or amazon deals...hm, suddenly it's even more interesting.

Okay I'm going to twitter now. Just for fun.

Mom101 said...

that's "stupid TOO"

See...it does make me stupid

(or, it's hard to type one-handed while nursing)

Miguelina. said...

I didn't get twitter for a while either.

Then I found some people that prove that brevity is the soul of wit and became addicted. I'm pretty sure the White House won't fall in that category.

Motherhood Uncensored said...

Honestly? I think twitter makes people think what they're doing at any given moment is extremely important.

I mean, why do I care if you're taking a shit? or cutting your nails?

Who cares!?

I can see how it might be interesting in certain settings, but for the most part, I'm too worried about my own ass let alone trying to tell someone I'm wiping it.


L. Kirkland said...

I was skeptical of Twitter when I first began using it as well. I'm not so much interested in "what people are doing," unless I know them well. But I do find it to be incredibly useful for sharing links and breaking news.