03 August 2007

more for moms...

I have so much going on lately that I can't bloviate today, so instead I'll do the link thing.

First and most importantly, every mom should check out Attention Moms: Got Stress? where Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons (my wife) gives the momosphere some news about important mental health research.

And while I love the momosphere, here are two reasonably non-mom but still really cool (at least to me) links:

Crowds: The Other Renewable Energy. Enviro-blogger Maria Surma Manka keeps us up to speed on what the brainiacs at MIT are up to.

The Tribrary. Andrew Wyllie (a friend) shows us what you can do with open source technology, a flair for working with Google Maps, a global perspective, and a passion for triathlons.

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