30 July 2007

The women bloggers are talking, are we listening?

I managed to attend a good chunk of BlogHer07 this weekend, and learned a great deal. First, it was great to finally meet some of the women I've been reading and interacting with for a while now - Liz, Kristen, Julie, Catherine, Jenn, Leah, Penelope, and a few others - and to meet a lot of smart and interesting bloggers who take their writing and their role very seriously.

Second, I appreciated getting an education on the issues these women care about most and the meta-issues they're experiencing as they adopt the identity of "citizen journalist" and weigh options about monetization and commercialization.

Third, it was just cool to live-twitter a huge discussion with Elizabeth Edwards.

Finally, it was important to hear the wakeup call that Stefania Pomponi Butler issued to the marketing and PR professions. (I wasn't the person who issued the "money quote" she mentions, but I and other PR folks did meet her briefly after hearing Catherine talk about the state of the mom-o-sphere.) Mocha Momma had some important things to say as well. To be plain, many of these women are more than a little upset at the way the PR and marketing industry has treated them, and with good reason.

I'll be writing in much more detail about this over the course of the week - there's a lot to digest and share.


Mocha said...

I'm so glad to hear you say all of this and to give me the scoop on what Stefania was saying after the panel ended because I was having my own discussion to further the topic. The rest will be blogged soon. Like you, I'm still digesting.

PunditMom said...

It was a great time, and I'm glad that you weren't intimidated by, as Mr. PunditMom put it, "All that estrogen!"

And thanks in advance for agreeing to post over at my place in the next week or so over at my place!

David said...

Thank you for continuing - actually, for leading - this discussion, mocha. and punditmom, i'm looking forward to writing at your place.

Jenn said...

DAVID!! (Thought I would continue the scream the greets that occurred all weekend.) It truly was great to see you in person at BlogHer. Loved the "across the room shout-outs" to each other. Really made me smile.

(And you will agree to post on other's blogs? Where do I sign up for that one so I can nap? *grin*)

Mom101 said...

You have to read the email I just bcc'd you on that's so relevant to all this.

It's going up on MOM101 tomorrow. I'd love your thoughts.

Stefania said...

Thanks for participating in the conversation. It's an important one to have. I look forward to your thoughts on how we can improve this situation.

mothergoosemouse said...

David, I'm so glad you attended and so glad you spoke up and were willing to take the heat on behalf of your entire profession. ;)

You're just one person, and you can't change it all overnight, but it's reassuring to know that you keep trying.

Motherhood Uncensored said...

Send them all to parent bloggers. We'll shake (or is it shape?) them up.

So great to meet you!