12 June 2007

ONE Campaign has many things to do...

Anyone who knows me and my politics knows I consider global poverty and its repercussions like AIDS and other diseases to be the most important priority for the human race. That's why I'm so pleased that the ONE Campaign is working so hard to educate Americans about this global challenge and the opportunity we have to eradicate extreme poverty, and to ask our leading politicians to make the goals of the ONE Campaign a higher priority.

This is a political issue, and I'm really thrilled that blogs on the left and the right are lending a hand. There are plenty of people in the so-called mainstream who claim that the blogs represent the fringes of their ideologies. While I'm not sure I always agree with that, it's great to see folks from everywhere talking about this.

So I'm tracking discussion and will share info as I get it. And I'm encouraged but I'm learning that the ONE Campaign has a lot of work to do. There's still strong skepticism from the right and the left, still residual anger that burns from battles unresolved.

The greatest challenge this campaign faces is convincing Americans to look beyond the honest anger and hurt they've felt to help people they don't know. There's truth to what the critics are saying. Corruption has prevented people from getting help to those who need it most in remote corners of the world. Fear and prejudice have set us back years and hurt people in the process. Matthew 26:11 says what it says. There are other causes that deserve support as well.

So this is a challenge. We have to address the legitimate and honest points critics make. But this is a cause worth supporting. And everyone is welcome. There's so much more to this than a bunch of celebrities and photo-ops for politicians. This is the right thing to do.

and here's the extended version of the video you've seen everywhere else.

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