21 August 2012

Words and deeds

(OK, I'll start with the caution/disclaimer thing that stresses these are my own opinions and no one else's.)

Yes, it's ludicrous that a Congressman and candidate for the US Senate would use a term "legitimate rape" - as if there are some less-wrong kinds of rape or something.  But that wouldn't be the first time a member of Congress said something profoundly stupid and hateful toward women.

Yes, it's reprehensible that this candidate would invoke unnamed "doctors" to suggest victims of this specific kind of rape (again, whatever that means) have some kind of innate biological shield against pregnancy.  That's just a boldfaced lie. Ask ACOG.  And any member of a Congressional committee that has jurisdiction over science issues should know not to do that.  But that wouldn't be the first time a member of Congress lied about something related to science.

Yes, it's disgusting that in trying to explain himself, the candidate suggests he meant to say "forcible rape." So after careful consideration this candidate really does think there are degrees of wrongness when it comes to rape. After sleeping on it and thinking it over for a while and weighing the pros and cons and really, really thinking hard he really does think that we have that other rape, you know, where she probably wanted it anyway, which is probably why she got pregnant and wants that abortion. But that wouldn't be the first time a member of Congress had an absolutely boneheaded idea about a serious crime.

What's truly unconscionable, what's truly outrageous, what truly matters is that   this member of Congress and over one hundred of his colleagues in the House of Representatives tried to pass a law codifying the idea of "forcible rape" as opposed to other, less-wrong rape. What matters is this man and his colleagues tried to impose this absolutely depraved idea upon all of us.

THIS is why Todd Akin should not serve in the Senate and why he shouldn't be serving in Congress right now.  Not because he said something stupid. Not because he made some stuff up about science. Not because of some cynical political calculation that changes one party's chances of taking control of the Senate.

THIS is why he and over a hundred of his colleagues don't deserve to be in office.

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FWIW -- that includes Paul Ryan