06 May 2009

Speaking of Mom...

A quick pause from the constant World According to Mom talk to give a shout-out to the folks at Moms Rising for their clever and customizable Mother's Day video.

Check it out and send one to your mom. It's really funny.

While some of those poser "pro-family" groups spend nearly all their time obsessed with banning dirty words, abstinence-only clowns, and "the gay," Moms Rising is a pro-family group with serious street cred. They fight for REAL family issues such as improved parental leave, health care coverage and affordable, quality childcare for kids, wage equity, and so on. They're non-partisan and they're inclusive. As the video demonstrates, they have a sense of humor too.

One further thing - they really get it on social media. They shared this video with me and they were remarkably quick to work on some small technical glitches I was having. Really strong blogger relations, folks.


Anita Sarah Jackson said...

Thanks David! *So* glad to see it's working and happy Mother's Day to your wife! :)


Dionna said...

What a great post, thank you for your support! We're really excited you enjoy the video:-)

Kate @ UpsideBackwards said...

Thanks for posting that link! What a great video, I've sent it to my mum and sister.

Aaliya Qureshi said...

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