13 April 2009

The World According To Mom: Update 4

The momentum continues for the global mom-meme started at Her Bad Mother. I've found more than 85 moms in 26 countries all sharing what they love about being a mother. Here are the additions I've found - and I stress "I've found" because I'm almost certain there are a number of posts I haven't found yet:

USA: so-so stephanie, Mommy Needs 5 Minutes, Here Only, Toni Johnson, Keep it Together, Zebrabelly, Life As I Live It, It's My Life - Now or Never, From Here To There And Everywhere
Canada: A little bit of Momsense, Frog and Toad are Still Friends, Loulou's Views, Canadian Mom (something seems to be wrong with this link)
Italy: An American Mom In Tuscany
Korea: Expatriate Games, Domestic Bliss in South Korea, A Quest for Cuteness, Mama Seoul
South Africa: Supermom
Sweden: annapernilla, at hanna
India: The not-so artful dodger, Hip-Hop Grandmom
France: Poppy Fields,
Bahrain: Hypnotic Verses
China: Notes from an Escalator, Email From The Embassy
Morocco: Planet Nomad

The meme remains dominated by expats so I'm still trying to find the right standard for countries. In this case the bloggers in Italy, Bahrain and Morocco are all American, and at least one of the bloggers in Korea is a Canadian expat - but they all seem to have something that convinces me it's ok to list them in that country.

I know that other bloggers in Ireland, Italy and Norway have expressed an interest in participating, and I have also seen bloggers "tagged" in countries like Hungary, Singapore, El Salvador, the Czech Republic, and Turkey. Still, there are plenty of countries out there that are fairly well "wired" that havent joined yet, so there's a lot left to do. The people at Global Voices Online continue to help - over the weekend they identified a bunch of blogging mothers in, of all places, the Sultanate of Brunei.

That's the update for now - there will be more. All mothers in all countries are welcome to participate and tag - simply reach out via email or comment to be added to the list...


Her Bad Mother said...

This is just so awesome. Circumnavigating the globe was never so much fun, I don't think.

frogpondsrock said...

Hi David I have just done the meme. I live in Tasmania, which is a small island underneath Australia.


cheers Kim

Kae said...

Here is Russian one.


Unknown said...

Done the tag, from India !

mammydiaries said...

Hi David! I was tagged yesterday and wrote my blog today:) Not sure what to do next but was told to contact you:) What a great project! Cheers.
Maria (mammydiaries)