07 April 2009

The World According To Mom: Update 2

This thing is really taking off. Since Catherine launched the global mom-meme, I have found about 40 posts from moms in or from 14 different countries. Moms in at least a half dozen other countries have already been tagged, and a Korean-American mom group blog called Kimchi Mamas has put the call out for Korean bloggers to participate.

Posts are bookmarked and tagged by country at the 80clicks delicious page. It's going to get much harder to keep track of everything, so if you're participating and want to be added to the list please leave a comment either here or at Catherine's post so we can make sure you are represented.

We've already seen a lot of creativity displayed. One mom chose to describe her "five things I love about being a mother" in pictures. Another wrote a graduation speech. Some use humor. Others are remarkably introspective.

One observation, and this isn't surprising - so far all the posts I've found are in English. Our friends at Global Voices Online are constantly traveling the world and it takes time for their editors and volunteers to do what they do best - but they've also been spreading the word and they've been very helpful - many of the bloggers they identified are already participating.

Since the last update, here are the additions - and again, apologies if I've missed you. Just reach out to make sure you're included.

Dubai: Sandier Pastures
Spain: Oreneta Aground
Sweden: Fine Little Day
The Philippines: A Filipina Mom Blogger
South Africa: So Close, Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills, and The Jackson Files
Lithuania: Travel Shifts
Nigeria: It Was So Much Easier When I Had Only One
Kuwait: Chocolate Mints In A Jar
Israel: Around The Island
USA: Secret Agent Josephine, My Life As A Hotfessional, Notes From a Scattered Mind, Too Many Hats, Thinking About..., Ma Vie Folle, Coastal Carolina Moms, A Design So Vast, The Mama Beth, Adventures In Paradise, Send Chocolate NOW!!!, IIDLYYCKMA, Trees And Flowers and Birds, Is There Any Mommy Out There, and Mothergoosemouse
Canada: Psychic Geek, Dutch Blitz, Blog Like No One Else is Reading, Chaos Theory, Attack of the Redneck Mommy, and A Day In The Life... One Glass At A Time
Australia: Magnetoboldtoo

This is moving so fast I'll probably just add the RSS feed of the delicious page so people can find links here without me having to write long posts, but I may still announce new countries and of course provide a list of 80 links in 80 countries when we get there.

And we WILL get there.


Nancy said...

I am in Egypt currently and I just did the meme. It's a fun idea! :) Thanks for sharing.

Dorset Dispatches said...

It is a great idea. I'm looking forward to reading all the posts and seeing which 80 countries you manage to reach. Thanks for sharing and for having the energy to put a great idea into action.

Um Naief said...

i'm in bahrain and i'd like to participate.

great idea!

Jaye @ canadian-mom.ca said...

I'm participating from Canada! :O)

Donna said...

Great idea. I just added a China link:


I look forward to checking out all of these new blogs, thanks to you.

Unknown said...

David - hope all is well in Bluegrass world. LOVE this meme! Here's my post: http://itsmylife-johnna.blogspot.com/ I linked to South Africa, and a friend here in DC. I'm an amateur at this blog stuff, but am learning!

Hope to see you next time you're in DC!

expensivemistakescheapthrills said...

here's another one from south africa:

Cath Jenkin: http://cathjenkin.wordpress.com/2009/04/06/tagged-and-loving-it/

Monte said...

I just posted mine on my site, Notes from an Escalator. I'm an American in Hong Kong, but I think it's fair to say that this meme is from Hong Kong, since my entire experience of motherhood has been here. And Hong Kong is such an international place anyway, I think that it's almost part of the HK culture to be an expat ...

thanks for doing this, by the way.

J said...

Thanks for the linky love there!

Mr Lady said...

Hi David! I'm listed in the Delicious tag as USA, Colorado. I'm actually Vancouver, BC, just so you know. And thanks for doing this; it's really interesting reading all the responses. :)

Sleepless In KL said...

I just did the meme as well:

http://www.sleeplessinkl.com/2009/05/05/before-i-was-a-momThis meme only proves that, despite people's differences, we all want the same things for our children.