03 April 2009

The World According to Mom: Update 1

We're off and running. Since Catherine wrote her post launching The World According To Mom, we've seen posts in six countries:

Canada (obviously, it's Catherine)
USA: Somewhere in the Suburbs, Gas-Food-Lodging, Diapers and Dragons, Tangerine Times
Israel: A Mother in Israel
France: BurkinaMom in France
Australia: My Glass Half Full
China: Expat in China!

Another person actually STARTED blogging because she read Catherine's post. While I don't know what country she's in her blog is called a.k.a Mama.

We're also expecting posts from bloggers from or in The Philippines, Sweden, India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Kuwait, plus at least a couple more from Canada.

We now have a delicious links page that tags the posts by country for people to see and share and we'll update it as we find more moms participating in the meme. If you'd like to let us know you've written, leave a comment here or at Catherine's departure lounge post and you will get added.

We're going to be reaching out to bloggers who don't write in English, thanks to the great people over at Global Voices Online - they've been enormously supportive and helpful. Amira Al Hussaini and Solana Larsen have really stepped up.

I also want to thank the Israeli Consulate in New York City for being actively interested in this project via Twitter at @IsraelConsulate. A number of people have re-tweeted and expressed interest, so this is really starting to take off.

More updates soon...


Unknown said...

this is awesome!!!!

Robin said...

This is such a fascinating idea you've come up with, I can't wait to see where it goes.

Here's my leg of the journey:

Around the World in 80 Clicks - A Motherhood Journey

Karen MEG said...

This is a wonderful idea you have with Catherine, David.

My post is up (I linked on Catherine's post), and I've tagged a few other moms in Canada, the US, a US expat in Japan, and an Aussie mommy.

I bet this will go around the world at least a couple of times :).


Hey David, my meme is up at IT WAS SO MUCH EASIER WHEN I ONLY HAD ONE..."

Take care!

Nan Sheppard said...

I'm playing too! add "Trinidad and Tobago" to your party list...

Anonymous said...

Add Pakistan to your list- am here for the journey