06 June 2007


As an online public affairs and issues management professional, I'm always looking for interesting and smart topics to discuss on a blog. Susan has an interesting piece today on "blogola." I found another really smart blog in this genre called Communication Overtones that I'll be adding to my blogroll soon.

Today's issue, however, comes from a self-described mommyblogger, Kristen Chase. Seems a toy duck just "fell" into her shopping cart at the mall and she took it home. Now she's taking all sorts of humiliating pictures of the duck, and she and her partner in crime Julie are inviting everyone to take sides by creating graphics for other bloggers. Return the duck. Keep the duck. EAT the damn duck.

I live in a pro-duck household, as my wife explains. I SAY FREE THE DUCK.

Kristen may not realize this, but her mocking pictures may, in fact, violate article 3(c) of Part 1 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. (I worked for a Senator for years so I get to be all snooty like this.)

I've asked Kristen and Julie to provide a Free the Duck option. I'm also asking bloggers to provide their own video shout-outs to Mr. Duck. Here's mine:


Julie Marsh said...

I still maintain that the duck is ENJOYING everything that Kristen is doing to it. That is one masochistic duck.

Kami Huyse said...

I am so glad I stumbled on this post, and better yet, that you called me smart. Believe me, that goes a long way in PR. As for the duck, free the duck was NOT one of the choices. Did you color outside the lines when you were little?

David said...

Indeed Kami, I was never particularly good at staying in the lines...

Your blog impresses me a great deal and you strike me as one of those people who really "gets it." I think your background in crisis communications provides a perspective that's enormously valuable - people who manage communications during crises understand that people will search ANYWHERE for information and you need to move quickly and be ready for anything - it's often the same in the online space.

FENICLE said...

I also stumbled upon your blog from the Duck Fiasco of 07.

I say "keep the duck" - it's almost like an "abDUCKtion"!!!!

Enjoyed reading your posts. You're very insightful.