About and Disclaimers

My name is David Wescott. I use this blog to help me learn how businesses, governments, and NGO's are abandoning the lecture and entering the discussion online, and to build relationships with influential people who use social media channels to communicate. 

I specialize in issues-based online communication and outreach. I work for a DC-based global public affairs firm and live in Durham, NC. I have clients in several industries, including energy, pharmaceuticals, transportation, biotechnology, education, food, and financial services.  If I ever write about something that's directly related to a client, I'll disclose a material relationship - but you should know that the opinions expressed on this blog are mine alone, and don't necessarily reflect those of my employer or anyone else.

I'm on the advisory board for Blog With Integrity.  I like to write and record podcasts - I sometimes contribute to Earth and Industry, Business Lexington, Science CheerleaderLP Creative Humans Magazine, and Global Voices Online. I have also worked as a legislative assistant to a US Senator and as an administrator for a pediatrics department in a public hospital.

I don't write about my family life here, other than the occasional reference to my wife when she has a cool idea that relates to my work in social media.  I am a proud, life-long member of Red Sox Nation.

If you're looking to pitch me as a blogger, please read my blog first to make sure I actually care about the things you're pitching - I'm on a lot of artificial lists that aren't accurate.    If it's relevant, you can email me at wescott [dot] david [at] gmail [dot] com.