01 August 2007

ok, three quick things...

First, I'm really blown away by the attention the open letter to the mommybloggers has received and I want to thank Stefania, Kelly and Liz for leading the discussion. But I'm also a little embarrassed because this was only one of several important topics on the momosphere at the BlogHer panel. I think everyone should check out Catherine's post to get more flavor.

Second, I want to send a shout-out to the fabulous PunditMom for inviting me to guest-post on Friday while she's away. Her guest-blogger list is tremendous; I'm truly a boy among moms. I'll try hard not to completely ruin her blog.

Speaking of guest posts, Geoff Livingston has a really smart guy adding value to his blog - John Kamensky of the IBM Center for Business and Government.

Kamensky is looking at government blogging. No, that's not an oxymoron. The report Kamensky cites shows us that the best government blogging in the US is happening at the state and local level, where the author has the authority and flexibility to do it right. Kudos to Dr. David Wyld of Southeastern Louisana University for authoring the report.

When a government official starts a blog, she or he elevates the level of accessibility to constituents. Access leads to candid and constructive discussions, which leads to better policy. I don't think the US federal government is prepared (or equipped) to provide that level of access, but I think there will be progress - mostly because we have some rather unexpected, interesting and remarkably effective examples from government leaders across the globe.

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PunditMom said...

Thanks so much for posting and guesting at my place! I didn't mean for you to be the only guy, it just turned out that way!