14 August 2007

A dozen people who know what they're doing

Yes, for the record, I have been asked, "are there blogs about social media that you read?" by a few people at work and a couple of clients, but this is also a shout-out to the folks who have taught me something just by writing their blogs. So I'm just gonna rip off Geoff Livingston and offer the blogs I read so the people who asked will have something to look at.

Of course there are some great PR blogs I'm not mentioning, and apologies to everyone, but here's a dozen people who know what they're doing:

Brad Levinson's The Beta Stage. Yeah, he's young, but he's smart and creative and political, and he puts up with a lot of my crap. We make a good team.

Susan Getgood's Marketing Roadmaps. Mom101 introduced me to her. Smart, funny, savvy, and not afraid of anything. Makes a commitment to her audience and works to include others.

Geoff Livingston's The Buzz Bin. DC guy, and another smart person who fears nothing. He shares a lot of client-related work and he stands up for ethics in the profession.

Kami Huyse's Communication Overtones. I like the fact that she places adequate emphasis on metrics, which is something clients need to make decisions, but she doesn't go overboard.

Brian Solis' PR2.0. He understands perhaps better than all of this that social media is more sociology than it is technology.

Todd Defren's PR Squared. He's really good at examining the technology trends that matter without making his blog "Ode Upon an iPhone," and he explains how the technology will change the work we do.

Constantin Basturea's PR Meets the WWW. Strong emphasis on the academics and a great list of global PR blogs.

Steve Rubel's Micro Persuasion. He's good at putting together link posts that examine trends. He's also offering some insight on how to deal with 7000 emails/tweets/posts a minute.

John Bell's Digital Influence Mapping Project. He's more of a straight marketing guy, but I especially like how he's case-study focused - nothing means more in terms of discussing social media with credibility, as far as I'm concerned.

Richard Stacy's Social Media Revolution in 15 Minutes. Another link-post blog; I discovered him reading Social Computing Magazine. He looks at discussions about issues and ideas in social media, which is what I want to do when I grow up. His industry predictions get me thinking.

Tom Murphy's Murphy's Law. A Dubliner who reminds us to know the audience we pitch.

Shel Holtz' A Shel of My Former Self. Obviously, I listen to Holtz more than I read him. Strong on tools and good at converting techno-speak to English.

I do realize there are a few "A-list" blogs that I don't read regularly - Scobelizer and Seth Godin, to name a couple. But everyone else writes about Scoble and I follow his tweets, so who needs his blog? As for Godin, I can't comment on his blog, and if I really want his insight I'll read his books.


Richard Stacy said...

Thanks for the recommendation - honoured to see myself in such exalted blogging company as Rubel, Solis, Defren, Holtz, Huyse et al.

Geoff_Livingston said...

Very kind of you to include me. Thank you, David!

Susan Getgood said...

What Geoff said :-)

Seriously, I've been out of pocket and offline most of this week at a client, or I would have commented earlier. Thanks muchly for the mention, and on the "know what they're doing," back at ya.

Mark said...

Good comments all. I also like www.prdisasters.com. And I find it ironic that, on my class blog, someone recommended Richard Edelman's blog. Isn't he the guy who faked a whole campaign?

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